Mentoring is one of the most valuable and cost efficient tools an organization has for the development of its people. Mentoring delivers tangible, bottom-line results when linked with business objectives. Done properly, a formal mentoring initiative will produce a return on investment for your organization. In fact, mentoring can:

  • Support recruiting and retention goals.
  • Drive inclusion by promoting diversity of thought and style.
  • Develop leadership talent and build bench strength in your talent pipeline.
  • Accelerate employee development, performance and cultural assimilation.
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer and create a learning organization.
  • Strengthen competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Understanding the basics of mentoring

A mentor is an individual with experience, knowledge and skills who is willing and able to share this information with another individual. A mentee is an individual who is seeking specific knowledge, skills or experience. The relationship these individuals undertake for learning to occur is known as mentoring.

A formal mentoring program provides structure and guidance for individuals to be successful. It helps participants broaden functional experience, clarify performance goals and develop strategies to address job-related challenges.

The five focuses of mentoring

Organizational and Cultural Mentoring
A process that fosters the type of development that comes from learning about an organization, its culture, its vision, its history and its status in today's world. Mentors help mentees maneuver within an organization to get things accomplished, as well as make introductions to others in various departments.

Skills/Competency-Based Mentoring
This type of mentoring helps individuals develop or improve specific skills and competencies. This is the most targeted form of learning: while on the job.

Networking & Career Path Mentoring
Focusing on enhancing career development, this is the traditional perception of mentoring. Mentors are well respected and are found at higher levels in an organization. They assist mentees in developing and fine tuning key leadership behaviors to prepare for advancement opportunities.

Team Mentoring
Organizations often employ Team Mentoring when there are a limited number of mentors who possess certain talents or competencies that are required by a large number of prospective mentees.

Distance Mentoring
Distance Mentoring is employed when face-to-face communication, interactions and sharing of knowledge and expertise is difficult because of multiple locations, virtual offices or the travel required. This way, companies can maximize the relationship between mentor and mentee, ensuring a successful outcome for both.

Developing a customized mentoring process

The Mentor Group Inc. offers a flexible solution to provide you with the benefits of mentoring. The unique Hi-Impact Mentoring® process offers numerous options for establishing a formal mentoring process in your organization. As part of this customized, turnkey process, your organization receives the necessary resources and training. You can outsource the entire process to us or we can mentor your staff through its phases, and transfer capability with our train-the-trainer program.

Hi-Impact Mentoring® includes:

  • An organizational readiness assessment.
  • Roll out process materials.
  • Competency profiles for mentors and mentees.
  • Mentor/mentee matching and pairing.
  • Training for mentors, mentees and managers.
  • Marketing and communication materials and forms.
  • Tracking and evaluation materials.
  • An enterprise-level technology platform

Our process will demonstrate:

  • How mentoring is, and should be, linked to career pathing, succession planning and performance management.
  • How to implement mentoring to assure an organization realizes a return on investment.
  • How to supplement limited training funds and time available for training activities with mentoring.
  • How to use Team Mentoring to maximize the efficiency and efforts of internal human resources.
  • How to incorporate Distance Mentoring into a mentoring initiative.

Launching a mentoring process

Implementing a successful mentoring initiative requires positioning mentoring as a business strategy, not just a warm, fuzzy, feel-good program. It also requires that a systematic process be in place to support such a strategy, measure results and ensure long-term sustainability.

Before launching a mentoring initiative in your organization, we recommend participating in the Mentoring Organizational Readiness and Effectiveness (M*O*R*E) Workshop. The concept of mentoring, along with specific guidelines and criteria are presented to allow participants to evaluate the value of mentoring as a business strategy for their organization and how to launch or enhance a formal mentoring process. The workshop session will strengthen the team committed to the mentoring initiative and provide the opportunity to learn about and benchmark best practices of a variety of our clients. During the workshop, attention is given to specific elements that ensure that the organization can implement a successful mentoring initiative and how to link the process to your performance management process and specific business objectives to create measurable results.

Mentoring solutions customized for you

The unique Hi-Impact Mentoring® process offers a variety of flexible options for establishing a formal mentoring process in your organization. Your organization gets resources and training (readiness workshops, role profiles, competency assessments and more) for this customized, turnkey process. Tools include marketing materials, forms, a matching process, tracking and evaluation materials and a custom intranet solution.

Hi-Impact Mentoring® for Hi-Potentials
This is our high touch approach that is best suited for leaders and emerging leaders. The Mentor Group serves as an external mentor to your high potentials participating in mentoring partnerships to ensure their success every step of the way. This includes:

  • Reviewing or creating development plans.
  • Establishing goals to be worked on in the context of the mentoring relationship.
  • Matching guidelines and recommendations for paring mentors and mentees.
  • Mentor and mentee training and private coaching.
  • A LeaderView® assessment profile and private debriefing session.
  • Monitoring and tracking the mentoring partnerships.
  • Ongoing reporting to the organization.
  • Other resources (e.g., newsletters, webinars, executive briefings) to support and expedite the process in a way that works best for the audience.

Hi-Impact Mentoring® Corporate License is a complete turnkey solution for an organization to launch and manage a mentoring initiative. The license includes an evaluation and tracking mechanism, five consulting days to be used at the client's discretion and applicable materials on CD-ROM. Materials may be used to educate and train at business units or locations throughout a corporation. Or choose a site license that provides the same services as the corporate license, but makes the Hi-Impact Mentoring® process available at a single business unit.

Hi-Impact Mentoring® Lite
Hi-Impact Mentoring® Lite is a great way to launch pilot mentoring initiative, as it provides all training and materials to participants. You get a non-exclusive license to use certain components of the Hi-Impact Mentoring® process to assess and train employees in this initial pilot for up to 10 mentor/mentee pairs. Duration of the pilot and usage of materials may not exceed nine months.

Hi-Impact Mentoring® QuickStart Program
With this Mentoring Program, you'll have all the tools and programs needed to administer the Hi-Impact Mentoring® process without the technological and consulting components. This includes a wealth of checklists and templates necessary to ensure a successful mentoring initiative. The Mentoring QuickStart Program is ideal for organizations that do not seek to build a mentoring program from scratch.

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