A growing number of organizations realize that the actions of key individuals have an enormous impact on a company's overall performance. This impact may be measured in sales, morale, retention or marketplace advantage. Business coaching, executive coaching and leadership coaching are an effective means of fostering personal and professional growth in these people.

Business Coaching & Executive Coaching helps:

  • Prepare people in new roles to maximize their performance.
  • Eliminate behaviors that hold employees back or cause friction.
  • Prepare executive and emerging leaders to meet business and management challenges.
  • Assist executive and emerging leaders in improving personal impact.
  • Accelerate the integration of leaders into a new organization.
  • Create better-performing, more cohesive teams and business units.

These goals are achieved by entering into a formal arrangement with a qualified coach. The coach and individual agree to an upfront contract and create a structured plan to measure results and define success. Results and success are often tied to behavioral change.

Most programs involve a series of assessments (including self-appraisals), interviews with colleagues and observation of work habits by the coach. The coach will administer assessments, interpret the results, deliver feedback, measure and monitor progress, discuss setbacks and obstacles and contribute to solutions.

The Mentor Group Inc. offers business coaching services guided by strong professional ethics, standards and a strict adherence to confidentiality. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate capabilities and tap employees' full potential. In doing so, individuals expand possibilities, create new options, shift viewpoints and accelerate results. We offer a variety of business coaching, executive coaching and leadership coaching services:

First 100 Days Coaching Program®
It's been said that the seeds of success or failure are sown in the first 100 days of a new role-thus the name of our on-boarding program. The objective of this program is to accelerate the process of getting up to speed by building credibility, creating alliances and achieving early wins. The character of the role, the culture of the organization and the demographics of diverse and sometimes widely dispersed teams are all taken into account. Supported by an experienced coach, this three-month program begins with an assessment and planning process just before or when entering a new role. The First 100 Days program is equally effective whether bringing in an external candidate or promoting an internal candidate into a new role.

LeaderView Assessment Program®
LeaderView incorporates the Birkman Inventory to look at an individual's effectiveness in a role within an organization and illuminate opportunities for growth and improved performance. The focus is on building self-awareness in the areas of management style, decision making, problem solving, conflict management and interpersonal effectiveness. Our LeaderView Assessment® includes an extensive, confidential feedback session with a certified consultant; it provides specific recommendations for improving one's impact. Developmental needs are identified and an action plan is created. The LeaderView Assessment® can also be used for recruiting/selection, on-boarding and team integration.

TeamView Program®
TeamView can dramatically improve team cohesiveness and performance. This program identifies the uniqueness of every team and provides highly customized feedback and direction for performance improvement. The program employs many of the same disciplines as LeaderView. Each participating team member receives a confidential session with a certified consultant that is followed by a team integration workshop for all team members.

Executive Coaching Program®
For the people who have the most impact on an organization, we offer our Executive Coaching Program®. During this six- to 12-month process, a certified coach works with the business leader to establish and achieve clear goals that will result in improved business effectiveness both for the individual and the organization. The focus is on building self-awareness in the areas of management style, decision making, problem solving, conflict management and interpersonal effectiveness. Sessions are confidential and designed to match the executive's unique business challenges; they are also focused on solutions. The process includes executive assessments and 360o feedback to gather data for development planning.

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