In today's world, change is a fact of life. Job dislocation, functional realignment and cost or productivity concerns continue to drive job cuts. Every year, companies have a number of critical transitions that need to be made because of:

  • Rapidly changing market conditions that demand new leadership.
  • Performance ranking or, in some cases, good people in the wrong job.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Job consolidation due to technology or outsourced services.
  • Changed business or organization structure.

The critical transition may represent a potential company exposure, risk or financial obligation, but often is related to simply doing the right thing selectively for the right people. High quality, personalized responsiveness is required for continuity, reputation and maintaining marketplace or shareholder value. With this in mind, The Mentor Group Inc. offers several career transition-focused programs.

Outplacement Services
We make the outplacement process a win-win situation for both employees and organizations. Beyond simply providing assistance in a career transition, The Mentor Group will help make sure an employee takes the next step forward in his/her career transition, rather than just take a job. We do this through:

  • Assessing the employee's values, skills and marketability.
  • Identifying optional career paths, including career change and business startup.
  • Transition into retirement.
  • Establishing clear goals and specific action plans.

Our consultants actively manage candidates through the process-no one will fall through the cracks. We create a personalized job search plan for each participant because every candidate has unique goals. We work side-by-side with each candidate throughout the career transition, from conception of the marketing plan through implementation to the celebration of success.

Career Manager®, our online career center, offers a comprehensive array of services to create fast results for job seekers seeking a career transition. It's a virtual career center that goes anywhere from home to career center to meetings-anytime. Candidates have access to the best research, information management and wireless communication technology available. Whether they are seeking a consultation with a counselor, web-based proprietary target company research or a hyper-linked listing of real job opportunities, it's all available 24/7 with The Mentor Group's Career Manager®.

Spousal Relocation
Recruiting new personnel and transferring key employees who must relocate is becoming increasingly difficult when dual career families are involved. Today, companies need to address the needs of dual career families to consistently achieve their human resource and organizational objectives. Spousal relocation for new employees is typically less costly than other financial inducements.

Our spousal relocation program meets the needs of employers and employees by assisting the spouse in finding new employment as quickly as possible. This career continuation assistance combines key elements of our formalized outplacement programs with our extensive placement network.

The average first retirement age is 57 years. The #1 malady of retirement is depression. Retirees without a plan are more likely to be disappointed and inactive. Our Protirement program is designed to assist individuals in actively preparing for this next chapter in their lives. Our goal is to help them retire to something, rather than from something.

Protirement addresses work, leisure, learning, roles, healthy relationships, needs and purpose. The materials, techniques and strategies participants learn are designed to help develop and meet their goals. Protirement can help to:

  • Identify a sense of purpose and meaning for this new life transition.
  • Explore new options at a new juncture in life.
  • Develop new insights into new opportunities, challenges, interests and directions.
  • Develop a Personal Action Plan to make dreams a reality.

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